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APTA(Asia Pacific Tourism Association)


The Asia Pacific Tourism Association (APTA) is an internationally acclaimed association in the field of tourism and hospitality. A conference is held annually and a SSCI listed journal (Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, APJTR) is published. Its quality research papers are distributed all over the world.

The aims of APTA are to facilitate quality tourism and hospitality research, especially, in Asia-Pacific area, to share research achievements and to exchange ideas between academics and their counterparts in the business world.

The idea of the association was first initiated by Dr. Hai-SikSohn, Professor emeritus of Dong-A University, Korea with recognized scholars in Asia Pacific Region. The inaugural conference of APTA was held in Busan, Korea on September 21-24, 1995. The annual APTA conference has been held now for over two decades and established itself as one of the most important tourism/hospitality conference in the region.

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