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Presentation Schedule

Day 1 (3 July, Wed.)

TiP Session | Concurrent Session 1 | Poster Session 1 | APTA Graduate Panel Session | Welcome Reception

"Certificate of Participation       " will be available from the day after the presentation. 


09:00 ~ 

Registration Desk Open [Foyer, 2nd Floor]

11:30 ~ 13:00

Lunch [MR16/17]

13:00 ~ 14:30

Thesis-in-Progress Session


TIP Session Certificate 

TiP Session 1. [MR21]

Commentator: Seunghwan Lee (Gongju National University); Jerome Agursa (University of Hawaii, Manoa)

• Preffered Climate for Hiking: Mining from Tourist-Generated Data [Luyu Yang (Sichuan university); Jiaqi Chen(Sichuan university); Jun Liu(Sichuan university]

• A Comparative Analysis Of Travel Information Adoption Process Between E-Wom And Ai-Generated [Soeun Lee(Hanyang University); Hakseung Shin(Hanyang University)]

• Differences In Food Labeling Awareness, Usability, And Satisfaction According To Consumers' Trust Levels In Food Labeling Information [Seoyoung Koo(Yonsei University); Seonyeong Baek(Yonsei University); Sunny Ham(Yonsei University)]

• Sip Happens: Understanding The Influence Of Digital Marketing To Filipino Gen Z’S Drinking Cuture [Floren Angel G. Cantara(University of the Philippines Diliman); Maria Delia Tomacruz(University of the Philippines Diliman)]

TiP Session 2. [MR22]

Commentator: Jaeseok Lee (Gangneung-Wonju National University);  Yulan Yuan (Tunghai University)

• Service Robot Used In Event Area: An Integrated Model Of Self-Congruity Theory And Value Co-Creation Theory [Fangzhong Sun(Macau University of Science and Technology); Baihe Li(Macau University of Science and Technology); Zhuolin Zeng(Macau University of Science and Technology); Haixing Yu(Macau University of Science and Technology)]

• Why Seek A Travel Buddy? Why Seek A Travel Buddy? Exploring The Impact Of Tourist-To-Tourist Interaction On Satisfaction And Stress Relief [Maehee Chin(Hanyang university); Hakseung Shin(Hanyang university)]

• The Effect Of Parasocial Interaction With Ai Chat Gpt On Trust And Destination Image: The Moderating Role Of Ai Hallucination And Stochastic Parrot [Yujeong Jo(Hanyang university); Hakseung Shin(Hanyang university)]

• Unveiling Local Perception: Exploring Awareness, Attitudes And Willingness Toward Tourism Adaptation To Climate Change [Ha An Le(Dong-A University); Haejin Yoon(Dong-A University); Haque Sifat Ul(Dong-A University)]

TiP Session 3. [MR23]

Commentator:  Jungyun Hur (California State University Sacramento); Bora Kim (University of Surrey)

• Identification And Evolution Of Urban Tourism Functional Spaces: The Perspective Of Social Perception [Jun Liu(Sichuan University); Jiaqi Chen(Sichuan University); Tianhang Geng(Sichuan University); Yunyun Yu(Sichuan University)]

• Factors Influencing Willingness To Pay For In-Flight Wifi Service [Ji-Hyun Jang(Dong-A University); Yeong-Hyeon Hwang(Dong-A University)]

• Exploring The Influence Of Scarcity Messages On Booking Intentions: An Examination Of Seasonal Variations In Demand [Phuong K. Luu(Dong-A University); Myungkeun Song(Dong-A University)]

• Sustainable Development Of Community Enterprise (Ce) In The Context Of Community-Based Tourism (Cbt): Exploring Practices, Success Factors, And Stakeholder Mechanisms [Krittawit Krittayaruangroj(Mahidol University)]

TiP Session 4. [MR24]

Commentator: Kwanglim Seo (University of Hawaii, Manoa); Sungbeen Park (Dong-A University)

• The Impact Of Ai-Generated Content On Tourists' Localized Experience: A Research Proposal [Nancy Wu(The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology); Jiawei Wu(Chongqing Vocational Institute of Engineering)]

• Effects Of Filipino Millennials’ Perception Of Green Restaurants In Quezon City On Their Patronage And Loyalty [Jethro Ian G. Belano(University of the Philippines - Diliman); ; Shirley Guevarra(University of Philippines - Dilman)]

• Analyzing The Impact Of Destination Image And Tourism Satisfaction On The Loyalty Of Rural Tourists Suburban Of Hoi An City [Vo Huu Hoa(Duy Tan University); Bui Kim Luan(Duy Tan University); Vo Duc Hieu(Duy Tan University)]

• The Exploration Of The Influence Of Tri-Reference Points On Hotel Booking Intention [Yang Emma YU(University of Surrey & The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)]

• Perceived Coolness And Memorable Generation Z Customers’ Experience In Integrated Resort: Antecedents And Consequences [Zhiqian Long(Macau University of Science and Technology, Macau, China); Junying Liang(Macau University of Science and Technology, Macau, China; Sangguk Kang(Gangneung-Wonju National University, South Korea); Chen-Kuo Pai(Macau University of Science and Technology, Macau, China)]

TiP Session 5. [MR25]

Commentator: Sagguk Kang (Gangneung-Wonju National University); Desmond Guojie (Hainan University)

• Understanding Chinese Seniors’ Food Experiences: An Optimal Distinctiveness Theory Perspective [Wenjie Tang(Macau university of science and technology)]

• Stadium Authenticity And Attachment At The National Stadium For Stadium Tourism Development In Japan: A Comparative Analysis Of Women’S And Men’S Football [Akari Ota(Chukyo University); Eiji Ito(Chukyo University)]

• Minding What Matters: Selected Philippine Hotels' Employee Mental Health Programs During The Covid-19 Pandemic [Luilyn S. Abapo(University of the Philippines-Diliman); Shirley V. Guevarra(University of the Philippines-Diliman)]

• Influence Of Cultural Festival Quality On Visitor Satisfaction And Behavioral Intention : The Case Of 2023 Seorak Cultural Festival [Seoyeon Son(Gangneung-Wonju National University); Yujin Kwon(Gangneung-Wonju National University); Jaeseok Lee(Gangneung-Wonju National University)]

• Analyzing The Social Interaction Behavior Effects In Rural Tourism: The Moderating Effects Of Interaction Desire And Perceived Tourism Impact Attitudes [Hongbi Kim(Hanyang University); Hakseung Shin(Hanyang University)]

15:00 ~ 16:30

Concurrent Session 1


Concurrent Session 1 Certificate 

1.1 Consumer Behavior [MR21]

Moderator: Guojie Zhang (Hainan University)

• What Stopped Us Traveling Pro-Environemntally?” Understanding Japanese Tourists’ Constraints To Pro-Enviornmental Travel Behavior [Sun Tao (Toyo University); Furuya Hideki (Toyo University)]

• The Effect Of Tourists' Ritualistic Behaviors On Revisit Intention, Destination Love And Braggart Word-Of-Mouth  [Zhuolin Zeng(Macau University of Science and Technology)]

• Exploring Effective Menu Strategy For Food Delivery App: The Moderating Role Of Consumption Nature [Otemisova Gozzal Bakhtiyarovna(Dong-A University); Myungkeun Song(Dong-A University); Joonho Moon(Kangwon National University); Seungwoo Choo(Dong-Eui University)]

• Minimalists And Pro-Environmental Choices [Nan Xue(The Chinese University of Hong Kong); Elisa Chan(The Chinese University of Hong Kong);
Lisa Wan(The Chinese University of Hong Kong)]

1.2 Destination Management [MR22]

Moderator: SooCheong (Shawn) Jang (Purdue University)

• Explicating Destination Attachment And Re-Visit Intention: The Uniqueness Of Travel Followers [Adrienne Tingyao Liu(University of Macau); Danni Wang(The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)]

• The Impacts Of Corruption On Residents' Perceptions Of Tourism In Nigeria [Afamefuna Eyisi(Murdoch University); Nneoma Ololo(University of Nigeria); 
Maureen Aruomah(University of Nigeria)]

• Self-Organization And Tourism Recovery: Evidence From China [Xuan Zhao(Xiamen University); Bo Zhou(Xiamen University); Peili Zhang(Xiamen University)]

1.3 Restaurant & Food Service Management [MR23]

Moderator: Chungun Liu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

• Customer Responses To Farm-To-Table Restaurants: The Role Of Sensory And Value Perceptions [Jing Yin(Wuhan Polytechnic University)]

• Customer Intention To Continue The Use Of Waiting Application In Korea [June-Hee Yang(Kyonggi University); Byeong-Cheol Lee(Kyonggi University)]

• Adoption Of Cloud Kitchen Among Restaurants [Kuan-Huei Lee(Singapore Institute of Technology)]

• Social Media Marketing Activities For Hospitality Industries: An Empirical Study On The Antecedents And Consequences Of Customer Brand Engagement  [Guin-Ting Yeh(Tainan University of Technology); Shih-Chih Chen(National Kaohsiung University of Science Technology)]

1.4 Tourism Marketing [MR24]

Moderator: Atsushi Kawakubo (Saitama Gakuen University)

• Influence Of Sustainable Destination Image On Destination Competitiveness And Travel Intention Of Chinese Youth Travelers To Visit Malaysia [Philip P.W. Wong(Sunway University); Lei Wang(Xuzhou University of Technology); Siti 'Atikah Rusli(Sunway University)]

• Projected Bimodal Personality Of Airbnb Hosts [Lingxue Zhan(Curtin University); Mingming Cheng(Curtin University)]

• Wine Tourism Destination Marketing Strategies [Jungyun Hur(California State University Sacramento); SooCheong (Shawn) Jang(Purdue University)]

1.5 Other Subjects [MR25]

Moderator: Luyu Yang (Sichuan University)

• Building Urban-Rural Linkages Through Creativity: A Case Study Of Bookstore-Led Rural Tourism In Chinese Villages [Ying Ju Zhang(Tokyo Metropolitan University); Okamura Yu(Tokyo Metropolitan University)]

• Unveiling Perspectives: Exploring Inclusion And Diversity In Homestay Experiences In Nepal [Sandeep Basnyat(Macao University of Tourism)]

• Outdoor Leisure Participation Segments In High-Temperature Taiwan [Yu-Yun Liu(University of Taipei); Sung-Ta Liu(University of Taipei); 
Yin-Hao Chiu(University of Taipei)]

• First Step To Improve Your Food Label Literacy: Increasing Checking Food Labels By Food Safety Knowledge And Concerns [HeeSun Park(Yonsei University); DongYoung Kim(Yonsei University); WonWi Moon(Yonsei University); JunHo Hwang(Yonsei University); Sunny Ham(Yonsei University)]

16:30 ~ 17:00

Poster Session 1 [Foyer]


Poster Session 1 Certificate 

• The Development And Assessment Of A Program Aimed At Cultivating Cultural Intelligence And Intercultural Competence Among Prospective International Hospitality Workers [Yu Chih Chiang(Fu Jen Catholic University); Jia-Ying Du(Fu Jen Catholic University); Yi-Ru Chen(Fu Jen Catholic University)]

• The Effect Of The Mz Generation’S Risks Perception Of The Climate Change On The Eco-Friendly Tourists’ Behavioral Intentions [EunYoung Jeon(Kongju National University); DongHee Kim(Sookmyung Women's University); Seunghwan Lee(Kongju National University)]

• A Study Of Food Market Interest Among China's Youth An Applicatuib If Self-Congruity Theory And Examination Of Interaction Between Locals And Tourists [Baihe Li(Macau University of Science and Technology)]

• Strategic Partnerships  For Managing Island Overtourism [Chien-Pang Lin(Chang Jung Christian University); Chi-Mei Wu(Fu Jen Catholic University); 
Yu-Lan Yuan(Tunghai University)]

• Measuring Tourism Resilience And Its Dynamic Evolution: A Evidence From China [Xiaoxiao Yi(Mahasarakham University); Yao Luo(Mahasarakham University); Paranee Boonchai(Mahasarakham University)]

17:00 ~ 18:30

APTA Graduate Panel Session [MR19]

19:00 ~ 

Welcome Reception [Oasis]

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