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Presentation Schedule

Day 2 (4 July, Thu.)

Concurrent Session 2, 3, 4 | Opening Ceremony | Keynote Speech | Poster Session 2 | APTA Board Meeting 

"Certificate of Participation       " will be available from the day after the presentation. 

08:00 ~ 

Registration Desk Open

08:30 ~ 10:00

Concurrent Session 2


Concurrent Session 2 Certificate 

2.1 Consumer Behavior [MR21]

Moderator: Sungwoo Choi  (The Chinese university of Hong Kong)

• Machine Learning For Textual Sentiment Analysis Of Hotel Reviews: A Systematic Survey [Yao Luo(Mahasarakham University); Songphon Uthaisar(Mahasarakham University)]

• Chinese Tourist Movements: Comparing Independent To Package Tourists [Lingling Huang(Free University of Bolzano-Bozen)]

• How Do Interactive Online Travel Agencies Affect Customers’ Purchase Intention?  [Huiyue Ye(University of Macau); Rob Law(University of Macau); 
Lawrence Hoc Nang Fong(University of Macau)]

• Unraveling The Psychological Paradox Of Inconsistency In Specialty Coffee Consumer Behavior [Chong Ka Leong(Sunway University)]

2.2 Cultural & Heritage Tourism [MR22]

Moderator: Hwangsuk (Chris) Choi (University of Guelph)

• Beyond Nostalgia: A Study On Consumption Space Perception And Place Construction In Historical Districts Under The Intervention Of Tourism [Jia Liu(Ocean University of China); Zixian Lu(Ocean University of China); SooCheong (Shawn) Jang(Purdue University)]

• Capturing The Spirit Of Place Of An Urban Heritage Site [Zuhui Liao(The Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Vincent Wing Sun Tung(The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)]

• Exploring The Importance Of Creative Activities To Understand Creative Tourist Profiles [Namia Islam(Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee); Shubhajit Sadhukhan(Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee)]

2.3 Lodging Management/Destination Management [MR23]

Moderator: Younghee Lee (Duytan University)

• Gig Empowerment: Mechanism Study On The Implementation Of Flexible Employment To Support The Development Of The Hotel Industry: A Case Study Based On The Hilton Gig Project [Huiying (Sophie) Zhang(Beijing International Studies University); Ziye Tang(Beijing International Studies University); Genghao (Harvey) Lyu(Beijing International Studies University)]

• Digital Destination Information Platforms And Apps, E-Satisfaction, And Tourists’ Citizenship Behavior At Wellness Tourism Destinations [Young-joo Ahn(Sejong University); Yan Hu(Sejong University)]

• Near Or Distant? The Impact Of The Spacial Distance And Review Type On Visiting Intentions [Chunqun Liu(The Chinese University of Hong Kong); Rui Lv(Jeonju University)]

2. 4 Other Subjects [MR24]

Moderator: Ito Eiji (Chukyo University)

• Does Excessive Crowding Create Emotional Dissonance?: Exploring The Link Between Perceived Crowding And Emotional Solidarity  [Dongoh Joo(Kyung Hee University); Sanghoon Lee(Kyonggi University)]

• Acting With Awe: A Study Of The Influence Of Awe On Employees’ Proactive Pro-Environmental Behavior [Pengbo Li(Beijing International Studies University); Xi Zhu(Beijing International Studies University); Jing Gao(Beijing International Studies University); Jinzhu Li(Beijing International Studies University); Ke Li(Beijing International Studies University)]

• The Ripple Effect: Exploring Social Ramifications Of Japan'S Nuclear Water Release On Tourism [Cindy Yoonjoung Heo(The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland); Bona Kim(Inha University); Geunhee Lee(Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University)]

• Hotel Employees’ Perceived Threats To Identity By Service Robots: The Differences By Awareness And Individuals’ Characteristics [Mondol Taps(Dong-A University); Yeong-Hyeon Hwang(Dong-A University)]

2.5 Finance & Economics/Special Interest & Medical Tourism [MR25]

Moderator: Kwanglim Seo (University of Hawaii, Manoa)

• Assessing The Economic Value Of Local People’S Participation In Tourism Management: A Life Satisfaction Approach [Akarapong Untong(Maejo University); Kansinee Guntawongwan(Chiang Mai University)]

• Examining The Impact Of Tourists' Perceived Value From Winter Sports Apps On Tourists' Behavioral Intentions [Shubin Yu(Hokkaido University); Kaige Zhu(Hokkaido University); Juhyeok Jang(Hokkaido University)]

• Unveiling The Experience Of Chinese Gay Holiday: A Social Representational Perspective [Liangwei Qiu(Macao University of Tourism); Xiangping Li(Macao University of Tourism); Ali Bavik(Macao University of Tourism)]

• The Spectrum Of Destination Curiosity: A Latent Class Analysis Approach [Dori Davari(The Hong Kong Polytechnic University); SooCheong (Shawn) Jang(Purdue University)]

10:30 ~ 12:00

Opening Ceremony | Keynote Speech [MR18/19]

12:00 ~ 13:30

Conference Lunch [MR16/17]

13:30 ~ 15:00

Concurrent Session 3


Concurrent Session 3 Certificate 

3.1 Consumer Behavior [MR21]

Moderator: Kansinee Guntawongwan (University of Hawaii, Manoa)

• Does Generative Artificial Intelligence Emotionally Influence The Travel Planning Experience Of Tourist? Comparing Traditional Information Searching Process With Chatgpt. [Kaede Sano(Wakayama University); Husna Zainal Abidin(Wakayama University); Caroline Scarles(University of Surrey)]

• Learning Style Of Bulacan Museumgoers [Delma Ortega(Bulacan State University); Aimee Grace Madlangbayan(Bulacan State University)]

• When Timing Matters: Influence Of Temporal Distance On The Persuasiveness Of Recommendation Agents [Qianqian Su(Hainan University); Fangxuan Li(Hainan University)]

• Political Identity And Responses To Dynamic Pricing [An Sheng(The Chinese University of Hong Kong); Sungwoo Choi(The Chinese University of Hong Kong); Choongbeom Choi(Sejong University); Myungkeun Song(Dong-A University)]

3.2 Tourism & Hospitality Education [MR22]

Moderator: SooCheong (Shawn) Jang (Purdue University)

• Analyzing The Impact Of Destination Image And Tourism Satisfaction On The Loyalty Of Rural Tourists Suburban Of Hoi An City [Vo Huu Hoa(Duy Tan University); Bui Kim Luan(Duy Tan University); Vo Duc Hieu(Duy Tan University)]

• “Ethical Elephant Sanctuary Towards Tourists’ Awareness And Sustainable Elephant Tourism: A Digital Marketing Review On Promotion, A Case Study” [Ramil Ravanes(Prince of Songkla University)]

• A Case Study On The Relationship Between Multiple Mentoring Functions And Self-Efficacy In The Leisure Service Industry [Wen-Shiung Huang(Ling Tung University); Yung-Sen Lin(Ling Tung University); Cian-Hua Huang(Ling Tung University); Chiu-Ping Teng(Ling Tung University)]

• The Next Era Of Learning: Openai’S Sora And The Paradigm Shift In Hospitality Education [Fangzhou Wan(Shanghai Business School); Yuan Liang(Shanghai Business School); Zheng Sun(Shanghai Business School); Xinyi Zhu(Shanghai Business School); Meiyi Zhang(Shanghai Business School)]

3.3 Tourism Marketing [MR23]

Moderator: Yulan Yuan (Tunghai University)

• Exploring The Visual Secrets Of Tourism Crowdfunding Projects’ Success [Yihong Chen(University of Macau); Rob Law(University of Macau)]

• Could Virtual Reality Effectively Market Different Genres Of Destinations?: From The Viewpoint Of Restorative Quality Of Environment [Li-Pin Lin(Ming Chuan University); Shu-Chun Huang(Shih-Hsin University)]

• Human Presence In Travel Photographs Increases Mental Simulation [Yuan Li(The Chinese University of Hong Kong); Lisa Wan(The Chinese University of Hong Kong)]

3.4 Destination Management [MR24]

Moderator: Perry Hobson (Breda University)

• Co-Creating Slow Tourism Experiences In Cittàslow: Perspectives Of Tourists And Stakeholders [Ting-Yen Huang(Ming Chuan University); William Ramos(Indiana University); Ding-Yi Wu(Quanzhou Normal University)]

• Information Theory Perspective On Mutual Information And Transfer Entropy In Tourism Analytics [Dan Anthony Dorado(University of Philippines Dillman); Carmina Baylon(University of Philippines Dilman); Khristian Garcia Kikuchi(University of Philippines Dillman); Maria Criselda Badilla(University of Philippines Dillman); Giovanni Tapang(University of Philippines Dillman)]

• Understanding The Dynamic Interaction And Feedback Mechanisms Of Factors Of Reginal Coastal Tourism Industry In China: A Muti-Scenario Analysis Based On System Dynamics Approach [Jia Liu(Ocean University of China); Yuxuan Li(Ocean University of China); SooCheong (Shawn) Jang(Purdue University)]

3.5 Others [MR25]

Moderator: Shirley Guevarra (University of the Philippines - Dilman)

• Ethical Ambivalence as per the Tourist [Hyo Dan  Cho(Kyunghee University); Maria Yonghee Lee(Duy Tan University); Sang T. Lim(Duy Tan University); Chulmin Mo(Duy Tan University)]

• Seeing Is Believing: How Customers’ Green Consumer Behavior Can Inspire Employees’Green Behavior [Pengbo Li(Beijing International Studies University); Pengbo Li(Beijing International Studies University); Jinzhu Li(Beijing International Studies University); Yina Lv(Beijing International Studies University); Ke Li(Beijing International Studies University)]

• Serial Mediation: Tourists’ Satisfaction And Destination Image In The Relationship Between Experiential Value Derived From Virtual Reality Experience And Tourists’ Behavioral Intention [Mengzhen Su(Macao University of Tourism)]

15:00 ~ 15:30

Poster Session 2 [Foyer]


Poster Session 4 Certificate 

• An Analysis Of The Effects Of The Covid-19 Pandemic On Hot Springs Tourism Among Residents In The Tokyo Metropolitan Area [Yasushi Shimojima(Oberlin University)]

• How Young Chinese Wine Consumers Are? A Segmention Based On Consumer Wine Knowledge [Ting Zhou(The Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Markus Schuckert(University of New Hampshire); Fengxia Shi(Xiamen University)]

• The Impact Of Corporate Social Responsibilities On Customers’ Decision About The Foodservice Consumption At Fast-Food Restaurants In Danang [Thi Hoang Dung Pham(Duy Tan University); Su Minh Tai Ho(Duy Tan University); Thi Xuan Dieu Duong(Duy Tan University); Thi Minh Thu Nguyen(Duy Tan University)]

•  Comparison Of Rural Tourism Promotional Organization Of Italy, Austria, France, And Japan From Appling Perspective Of Integrated Rural Tourism [Midori Goso(Teikyo University); Kosei Yamada(Chiba University of Commerce); Kazuyo Hirakara(Minisry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries); Daisuke Kunji(Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)]

• Policy & Management To Develop Sundarbans’ Eco-Tourism, Bangladesh [Toma Mushrat Jarin(Yamaguchi University); Asamizu Munehiko(Yamaguchi University)]

15:30 ~ 17:00

Concurrent Session 4


Concurrent Session 4 Certificate 

4.1 Consumer Behavior [MR21]

Moderator: Tao Sun (Toyo University)

• Role Involvement When Traveling With Others: The Case Of Young Chinese Parents [Shujia Wang(Ningbo University); Minmin Zu(Ningbo University); Serene Wai Tsz Tse(Ningbo University)]

• Exploring The Influence Of User-Generated Content On Selecting Rural Homestays [Yunong Han(Ningbo University)]

• Smart Tourist Segmentation By Willingness Of Value Co-Creation In Tourism Destination  [Hao Sun(Wakayama University); Kaede Sano(Wakayama University)]

4.2 Destination Management/Finance & Economics [MR22]

Moderator: Midori Goso (Teikyo University)

• Geographical Communities Arising From Restricted Mobility During Covid-19 [Carmina Baylon(University of Philippines); Ranzivelle Marianne Roxas-Villanueva(University of Philippines Los Banos); Dan Anthony Dorado(University of Philippines Diliman); Aimee Grace Madlangbayan(Bulacan State University); Maria Criselda Badilla(University of Philippines Diliman)]

• Is Environmental Protection An Important Aspect Of Destination Selection? [Bruce Prideaux(Prince of Songkla University); Michelle Thompson(Central Queensland University); Leonie Cassidy(James Cook University); Anja Pabel(Central Queensland University)]

• Interconnected Sustainability: Exploring The Spillover Effects Of Esg Ratings On Airline Market Performance [Nadine Itani(University of Surrey); Bora Kim(University of Surrey); Anyu Liu(The Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Frankie O'Connell(University of Surrey)]

4.3 Others [MR23]

Moderator: Hakseung Shin (Hanyang University)

• Investigating Employee Citizenship Behavior And Customer Orientation [Pengsongze Xue(University of Guelph); WooMi Jo(University of Guelph); Jinok Susanna Kim(Macau University of Science and Technology)]

• Developing And Validating A Scale For Workplace Cyber-Exchange In Hospitality And Tourism Organizations [Fengkexin Fang(Macau University of Science and Technology); Jing Liu(Macau University of Science and Technology)]

• Happy Orphans: The Effect of Leisure Activities on Life Satisfaction [Maria Younghee Lee(Duy Tan University); Hyo Dan Cho(Kyunghee University); Anh Phuong(Duy Tan University)]

4.4 Cultural & Heritage Tourism [MR24]

Moderator: Qiao Guanghui (Zhejiang Gongshang University)

• A Systematic Literature Review Of Red Tourism [Zuoyao Zhang(Macao University of Tourism); Ching-Chi (Cindia) Lam(Macau University of Science and Technology); Tuan Phong (Jack) Ly(Macau University of Science and Technology)]

• Thoughts On The Status Of Chinese Females Invoked By A Visit To Daguanyuan, Beijing [Xiaoyu Zhang(Beijing Union University); Xiaoyu Zhang(Hainan University); Chris Rhab(University of Waikato)]

• A Multi-Case Study Of Development Pathways For Immersive Interactive Experiences In Museums Based On The Iad Framework [Huiying Zhang(Beijing International Studies University); Yangle You(Beijing International Studies University); Genghao Lv(Beijing International Studies University)]

15:30 ~ 17:00

APTA Board Meeting [MR26]

17:00 ~ 

Free Night

18:30 ~ 

APTA Board Dinner (Invitation ONLY)

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