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Presentation Schedule

Day 3 (5 July, Fri.)

Concurrent Session 5, 6, 7 | APTA Panel Session | Poster Session 3 | Closing Ceremony/Farewell Dinner

"Certificate of Participation       " will be available from the day after the presentation. 

08:00 ~ 

Registration Desk Open

08:30 ~ 10:00

Concurrent Session 5


Concurrent Session 5 Certificate 

5.1 Consumer Behavior [MR21]

Moderator: Yy-Hua Xu (Arizona State University)

• I Resonate Therefore I Advocate: The Role Of Motivational Orientation On Virtual Reality User Advocacy [Katsy J. Lin(University of Macau); Xiaonan Li(University of Macau); Huiyue Ye(University of Macau); Dave C. F. Chan(The Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Rob Law(University of Macau)]

• Tourist Choice Preferences For Gamification Experience Of Marine Vr Tourism Products From The Perspective Of Embodied Obstacles [Jia Liu(Ocean University of China); Jing Zhang(Ocean University of China); SooCheong (Shawn) Jang(Purdue University); Haifeng Wang(Ocean University of China)]

• Willingness To Pay For Cannabis-Infused Edibles In Foodservice Settings [Michael Yu(University of Guelph); Hashemi Fasharaki(University of Guelph); Hwansuk Chris Choi(University of Guelph)]

• Tourist Environment, Social, And Governance Co-Creation Behaviors: Conceptualization, Scale Development, And Nomological Network [Hakseung Shin(Hanyang University); Juhyun Kang(Jeju National University); Hongbi Kim(Hanyang University)]

5.2 Consumer Behavior/Destination Management [MR22]

Moderator: Hiroki Sana (Ritsumeikan University)

• Exploring The Relationship Between Visitors’ Perceptions Of Fair-Trade Practices And Support For Locally Grown Organic Food: A Case Study Of Japanese Visitors In Hawai’I [Cathrine Linnes(Osfold University); Jerome Agrusa(University of Hawaii at Manoa); Giulio Ronzoni(University of Florida); Joseph Lema(University of Nevada Las Vegas); Albie Miles(University of Hawaii - West O'ahu)]

• Research On The Influence Of Employees’ Green Behaviour On Green: Consumption Behavour In Tourism Enterprises From The Perspective Of Social Interaction·Theory [Xia Ao(Beijing International Studies University); Pengbo Li(Beijing International Studies University); Ru Fan(Beijing International Studies University); Xiaoyu Wang(Beijing International Studies University); Ke Li(Beijing International Studies University)]

• Product-Market Fit:  A Case Study On The Product And Market Development Of Batangas City, Philippines [Maria Criselda G Badilla(University of Philippines)]

5.3 Finance & Economics/Special Interest & Medical Tourism [MR23]

Moderator: Bora Kim (University of Surrey)

• The Impact Of Policies On Hotel Performance [Kwanglim Seo(University of Hawaii Manoa); You-il (Chris) Park(University of Hawaii at Manoa)]

• The Potential Of Sake Tourism For Japan’S Inbound Tourism Market: Synergy With Wine Tourism [Masanao Tachibana(Wakayama University); Kaede Sano(Wakayama University)]

• Wage Determinant Factors Of Semi-Volunteer Tourism Helping Farm Work [Takaya Hirayama(Toyo Suisan Inc); Yasuo Ohe(Tokyo University of Agriculture)]

• Exploring The Development Direction And Relevant Positioning Of Wellness Hotels In China [Jianchen He(Macao University of Tourism); Jieqi Guan(Macao University of Tourism); Zhuoran Liang(Macao University of Tourism)]

5.4 Tourism Marketing [MR24]

Moderator: Ye Dong (Auckland University of Technology)

• User’S Perception And Satisfaction Towards  Humanoid Service Robots In Hospitality And Tourism [Mengting Wu(Ningbo University); Serene Wai Tsz Tse(Ningbo University); Vincent Wing Sun Tung(The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)]

• See The (Ant)Forest For My Tree(S): Understanding Eco-Gamification Induced Tourism [Jing Yu(Macau University of Science and Technology); Xiaoming Liu(University of Macau); Jun Li(South China Normal University)]

• Greenwashing Or Not? Social Media Influencers Raising Awareness Of Overtourism  [Yi Xuan Ong(Hokkaido University); Tao Sun(Toyo University); Han Zhou(Hokkaido University); Naoya Ito(Hokkaido University)]

5.5 Lodging Management [MR25]

Moderator: Cindy Heo (The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland)

• Analysis Of Spatio-Temporal Structure Transition Of Lodging Prices Listed By Online-Travel Agent (Ota) Through Covid-19 Pandemic Period In Tokyo Metropolitan Areas [Kengo Nemoto(Japan Housing Finance Agency); Shohei Suzuki(Tokyo University of Technology); Ogasawara Yu(Tokyo Metropolitan University); Katsuya Hihara(Tokyo Metropolitan University)]

• How Do Organizational Emotion Resources Enhance Gen-Z Person-Job Fit In Hotels Roles Of Career Adaptability And Diversity Management [Xiaoman Zhou(Chongqing Normal University); Shou Wang(Chongqing Normal University); Xinyuan Zhao(Macau University of Science and Technology); Karthik Namasivayam(Michigan State University)]

• Navigating The Shift: A Decade-Long Analysis Of Flexible Employment Practices In Management (2013-2023) [Huiying Zhang(Beijing International Studies University); Genghao Lyu(Beijing International Studies University); Ziye Tang(Beijing International Studies University)]

10:30 ~ 12:00

APTA Panel Session | APTA Genderal Assembly [MR19]

12:00 ~ 13:30

Lunch [MR16/17]

13:30 ~ 15:00

Concurrent Session 6


Concurrent Session 6 Certificate 

6.1 Consumer Behavior [MR21]

Moderator: Bruce Prideaux (Central Queensland University)

• Examining The Interaction Effects Of Website Cues On Online Travel Agencies [Xiaonan Li(University of Macau); Sirong Chen(University of Macau); Rob Law(University of Macau); Lawrence Hoc Nang Fong(University of Macau)]

• "Don'T Be So Abrupt": The Impact Of Advertising-Native Content Congruence On Short-Form Travel Video Users' Online Interaction Experience [Han Zhou(Hokkaido University); Tao Sun(Toyo University); Kaige Zhu(Hokkaido University); Jiao Li(Hokkaido University)]

• Missed Out Experience At A Destination  Enhances Revisit Intention [Atsushi Kawakubo(Saitama Gakuen University); Takashi Oguchi(Rikkyo University)]

• Analysis Of Attraction-Related Word-Of-Mouth From the Perspective Of Spoilers: An Exploratory Study [Wee Kheng Tan(National Taiwan Normal University)]

6.2 Finance & Economics/Others [MR22]

Moderator: Sangguk Kang (Gangneung-Wonju National University)

• ESG/CSR, Investment Efficiency, And Type Of Ownership: Evidence From The Chinese Tourism Sector  [Xintong Lu(Macao University of Tourism); Jieqi Guan(Macao University of Tourism); Lianping Ren(Macao University of Tourism); Dingling Wang(Zhuhai College of Science and Technology)]

• Tour Leader/Tour Guide Occupational Stigma: Exploratory Study And Scale Development [Chih-Hung Wang(National Taichung University)]

• Green Spillover Effect: A Study Of The Influence Mechanism Of Family Green Behavior On Proactive Green Behavior  Of Hospitality Industry Employees [Pengbo Li(Beijing International Studies University); Ke Li(Beijing International Studies University); Tao Chen(Beijing International Studies University); Jinzhu Li(Beijing International Studies University); Xi Zhu(Beijing International Studies University)]

6.3 Destination Management [MR23]

Moderator: Jaeseok Lee (Gangneung-Wonju National University)

• Analying And Forecasting International Tourists Visiting Taiwan From Japan Using Internet Search Engine Data [Yi-Hui Liang(I-Shou University)]

• How Digital Infrastructure Influences Green Development Of The Tourism Industry In China: Mechanism Investigation And Configuration Discussion [Jia Liu(Ocean University of China); Keke An(Ocean University of China); SooCheong (Shawn) Jang(Purdue University)]

• Evaluating The Tourism Environmental Impact In Siraya National Scenic Area: A Land Use Scenario Analysis [Yulan Yuan(Tunghai University); Sumin Chiang(Tunghai University); Ming-Kuang Chung(Academia Sinica)]

6.4 Lodging Management/Restaurant & Food Service [MR24]

Moderator: Joseph Lema (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

• Optimizing Peer-To-Peer Accommodation Experiences With Communication: Unleashing The Potential Of Mixed Use Of Official Language And Local Dialects [Yue Liu(Hainan University); Guojie Zhang(Hainan University)]

• Service Work Dirtiness And Service Sabotage: The Roles Of Ego Depletion And Trait Mindfulness [Yijing Lyu(Xiamen University); Luanyu Liu(Xiamen University); Yijiao Ye(Shenzhen University); Long-Zeng Wu(Xiamen University)]

• Develop A Sustainable Food System - A Proposed Esg-Oriented System (Eco-Sus Go!) [Yue Chen(The Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Danni Wang(The Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Mingchu Lin(The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)]

6.5 Others [MR25]

Moderator: Akarapong Untong (Maejo University)

• Resumption Of Traveling After The Pandemic: Multi Dimensions Of “Normality”  [Naho Maruyama(Takasaki City University of Economics); M Kyle Woosnam(University of Georgia)]

• The Evolution Of Tour Guides: A Case Study Of Hong Kong In The Asia Pacific Context [Grace Ho(I-Shou University); Daisy Suk-fong Fung(Hong Kong Association of Registered Tour Co-ordinates (HARTCO))]

• Awe On Kumano Kodo With Kataribe: Integrating Self-Report And Psychophysiological Measurements [Ito Eiji(Chukyo University); Kono Shintaro(University of Alberta); Tanisho Kei(Kansai University); Kawanishi Tsukasa(Chubu Gakuin University)]

15:00 ~ 15:30

Poster Session 3 [Foyer]


Poster Session 3 Certificate 

• Development And Effectiveness Of A  Creative Sustainable Food Literacy Curriculum  [Meng-Lei Monica Hu(Jinwen University)]

• Towards A Competency Profile For Tourism Trainers In The Digital Age [Michael Conyette(Okanagan College)]

• Effects Of Hotel External Access And Network Robustness On Employee Satisfaction: The Mediating Role Of Adaptation Strategies [Chih-Ching Teng(Fu Jen Catholic University); Yu-Min Lin(National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University); Ya Jen Cheng(Fu Jen Catholic University); Chi-Neng Shan(Fu Jen Catholic University)]

• An Exploratory Approach Of Mindfulness On Staycation [Janet Chang(National Kaoshiung University)]

•  Multi-Scenario-Based Prediction Of Land Use/Cover Change And Ecosystem Service Assessment - A Case Study Of The Yangtze River Economic Belt [Bowen Dong(China University of Geosciences ); Tiantian Huang(China University of Geosciences )]

• The Effects Of Covid-19 On Taiwan International Tourism: Meta Synthesis Approach [Jennifer C.H. Min(Ming Chuan University); Chien Ming Wang(Ming Chuan University)]

15:30 ~ 17:00

Concurrent Session 7


Concurrent Session 7 Certificate 

7.1 Consumer Behavior [MR21]

Moderator: Chen Huan Jennifer Min (Min Ming Chuan University)

• Uncovering The Identity Of Customers And How They Respond To Service Failure [Xing Liu(University of Macau)]

• Investigating The Antecedences Of Value Co-Destruction And Related Contextual Differences [Michael Yu(University of Guelph); Pengsongze Xue(University of Guelph); Hwansuk Chris Choi(University of Guelph)]

• The Impact Of Service Provider-Consumer Interaction On Hotel Evaluation: A Mediating Effect Of Consumer’S Psychological Ownership [Ruoxue He(University of Macau); Qiao Zhang(University of Macau); IpKin Anthony Wong(University of Macau); Chi Hang Robin Chark(University of Macau)]

• Tourism Experience Of Children With Disabilities: Perspectives Of Interaction Of Family Tourism [Guanghui Qiao(Zhejiang Gongshang University); Xue Huang(Zhejiang Gongshang University); Hanqi Song(Zhejiang Gongshang University); Bruce Prideaux(Central Queensland University)]

7.2 Destination Management/Lodging Management/Others [MR22]

Moderator: Chris Ryan (University of Waikato)

• What Constructs Ecological Aesthetic? Research On Construction Of Ecological Aesthetic Spatial Imagery Of Rural Tourism Destinations [Jia Liu(Ocean University of China); Haifeng Wang(Ocean University of China); SooCheong (Shawn) Jang(Purdue University)]

• More Consistent And Happier?: A Hotel Study Of Colour And Customer Emotional Coexistence [Juncheng Guo(Macao University of Tourism); Leonardo Anthony Najarro Dioko(Macao University of Tourism)]

• Individual Differences In The Relationship Between Religious Values And Vice Activities: A Study Of Personal Traits And Perceived Internal Behavioural Control [Kathy I Man Mok(University of Saint Joseph Macao); Desmond Chee Shiong Lam(University of Macau)]

• Analysis Of Intention To Use Smart Contactless Hotels And The Impact Of The Covid-19 Pandemic [Dolgion Davaajargal(Others); Katsuya Hihara(Tokyo Metropolitan University)]

7.3 Finance & Economics/Restaurant & Food Service [MR23]

Moderator: Jerome Agrusa (University of Hawaii, Manoa)

• Quantifying The Economic Benefits Of Implementing The Green Hotel Standards In Thailand [Kansinee Guntawongwan(Chiang Mai University); Akarapong Untong(Maejo University)]

• Unveiling The Slow Food Restaurant: Insights From Restaurant Operators [Chih-Ching Teng(Fu Jen Catholic University); Ching-Ju Chuang(Fu Jen Catholic University)]

• Sacred Religious Dining Experience: A Perspective From Buddhist Restaurants [Jie Cao(Macau University of Science and Technology); Fu-Chieh Hsu(National United University); Jing Liu(Macau University of Science and Technology); Zhenyu Yang(Macau University of Science and Technology)]

7.4 Tourism & Hospitality Education/Tourism Marketing [MR24]

Moderator: Yasuo Ohe (Tokyo University of Agriculture)

• Culinary Professional Competence And Training: From The Perspectives Of Sustainable Culinary Innovation [Hsin-Ling Wang(Fu Jen Catholic University); Wen-Hwa Ko(Fu Jen Catholic University)]

• What Should We Do When Integrating Generative AI Into Tourism Classes? Insights From A Pedagogical Pre-Experiment [Yu-Hua(Melody) Xu(Arizona State University); Lan-Yu Zhang(Hainan University - Arizona State University)]

• An Integrative Framework For Customer Engagement In Tourism Websites [Sirong Chen(University of Macau); Xiaonan Li(University of Macau); Rob Law(University of Macau); Lawrence Hoc Nang Fong(University of Macau)]

• How Personal And Social-Interactive Engagement In Tourism Rituals Can Stimulate Consumption: Interaction With Self-Construal And Self-Congruity [Jianan Ma(Hainan University); Fangxuan Li(Hainan University)]

7.5 Cultural/Heritage Tourism [RM25]

Moderator: Janet Chang (National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism)

• Exploring Environmental Value In Religious Tourism: Temple Stay'S Impact On Well-Being And Environmentally Responsible Behavior [Yujeong Jo(Hanyang University); Hongbi Kim(Hanyang University); Hakseung Shin(Hanyang University)]

• Eyeing The Pun: An Eye-Tracking Study On The Synergistic Effects Of Visual And Textual Elements In Tourism Advertising [Xianglan Chen(Beijing Language and Culture University); Yayun Yang(Civil Aviation Flight University of China); Yuming Ma(University of Macau)]

• Historical K-Dramas And Their Impact On Tourism Development By Boosting The Intention To Visit [Ekaterina Frolova(Sejong University); Seweryn Zielinski(Sejong University; Kiatkawsin Kiattipoom(Singapore Institute of Technology)]

17:30 ~ 

Closing Ceremony ! Farewell Dinner [Oasis]

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